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Sex Trafficking

“Sexual Trafficking is the recruitment, transportation (within national or across international borders),transfer, harboring, or receipt of persons for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation. Sexual trafficking is accomplished by means of fraud, deception, threat of or use of force, abuse of a position of vulnerability, and other forms of coercion.

Trafficking of persons exists in two distinct types: labor trafficking and sexual trafficking. “This new distinction avoids the problem of combining into a single category both labor violations and violations that are more akin to a forcible sexual assault.” 1

According to the TRAFFICKING VICTIMS PROTECTION ACT (TVPA) sex trafficking is defined as follows: “The term ‘sex trafficking’ means the recruitment, harboring, transportation provision or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act.” You’ll note that this definition makes no mention of force, fraud or coercion. So in other words there is sex trafficking in which those elements need not exist. For clarity’s sake some scholars have called this “simple” sex trafficking. What is defined in the above paragraph is, what under U.S. Law is, a “severe form” of sex trafficking. See Sec. 103. of the TVPA. Also, the elements of force, fraud and coercion are not relevant in cases involving persons under 18 due to the fact that they are minors.

Furthermore, some victims of sex trafficking may have a notion that they will be involved in the sex industry when they accept the sex trafficker’s offer. However, such pre-knowledge does not mean they are not a victim. Usually they have some concept or idea, but the reality is much worse than what they anticipated. They may have thought they would only have to have sex with 5 men a day but are forced to have sex with 10. They may have thought condoms would be used, but they are coerced to have sex without condoms. Such a person is as much a victim of sex trafficking as someone who did not have any idea they would be involved in the sex trade. So the emphasis on whether a person is knowing or unknowing is irrelevant. It is still a crime. Every 30 seconds another person becomes a victim of the sex trafficking industry. Each year sexual traffickers lure, coerce, trick, drug, kidnap and sell millions of vulnerable women and children into the multi billion dollar sex trade.

Traffickers do recruit many people through false pretenses of legitimate employment, promising monetarily lucrative jobs such as modeling, nannies, factory workers, domestic help, etc. Often times these “jobs” are in seemingly more predominant countries than where they are currently living. Having no better options for helping her family in her home country the girl decides to move away without any suspicion of the horrific torture that lies ahead.

When her travel plans are finalized she is escorted to her employer. At this point she is no longer in control of her employment, her choices, her free will, nor her life all together. She has either a slight understanding of what she is about to face or no idea what so ever. Either way, she has become a victim of sex trafficking, however it has occurred. She is now in debt bondage to her employer for various reasons such as room & board and travel expenses. The debt bondage far exceeds the actual cost of these expenses. Her payment to her trafficker is made with the 2-3 dollars she earns each time she is raped.

She is caught in a vicious cycle of abuse and repeated rape, day and night. She becomes pregnant and is forced to have abortions. This ads to her debt. She can’t escape and has a ‘debt’ that she can never pay off. Women and children are prevented from leaving by security guards, surveillance cameras, violence, threats, debt bondage and/or retention of documents. The trafficker maintains control through isolation, intimidation, fear and threats of further physical torture or harm to her family members.

The men that the girls are forced to have sex with most often do not use condoms. This is effectively increasing the epidemic of STDs and AIDS. The girls are denied basic medical care and are subjected to horrific human rights violations. Since 90% of trafficking is comprised of women and girls this leaves a percentage of victims within the male gender as well. No race, gender or region is unaffected.

Not all sex trafficking victims are coerced under false pretenses. Many women and children are simply stolen- kidnapped off the streets. In many countries, police are paid off by traffickers to ‘look the other way’. This is an effective tactic. Meanwhile, the children are locked in dark rooms with no windows. They are violated horrendously. Their bodies are used as disposable pleasure for many years. When they are finally released, because their youthfulness is jaded and they have become terribly diseased, they are fully broken. They know no other way of life. They often then turn into street prostitutes who are still controlled by traffickers known as pimps.

Domestic Sex Trafficking of Minors (DSTM)
Among children and teens living on the streets in the United States, involvement in commercial sex activity is a problem of epidemic proportion. It is estimated that about 293,000 American youth are currently at risk of becoming victims of commercial sexual exploitation. The majority of American victims of commercial sexual exploitation tend to be runaway or thrown away youth who live on the streets who become victims of prostitution. Children generally come from homes where they have been abused, or from families that have abandoned them, and often become involved in prostitution as a way to support themselves financially or to get the things they want or need.

The average age of trafficked victims is becoming younger and younger. Girls as young as 7 are being trafficked into the sex slave industry. The leading causes of death among trafficked women/girls, in this order, are homicide, suicide, drug and alcohol problems, HIV infection and accidents.

Sex trafficking is an epidemic, international and domestic crime. This site is intended to help wake people up through news reports, facts, victim stories and stories of success. We pray that the information on this site sparks a passion within you to help abolish these inhuman acts. This website is intended to equip you with solutions to help minimize the industry and to provide you with anti-trafficking resources pertaining to the global crime of sex trafficking.

Although the reality and statics of this heinous crime are staggering, do not become overwhelmed, there is hope! You are the hope, we are the hope. We are the light that will overtake the darkness. Remember what you have read here and don’t ever give up.

“We know what works. We can begin to defeat sex trafficking if we severely punish its national and multi-national profiteers, arrest its customers, offer a way out to its prisoners, and create self-respecting economic alternatives for children and women who are at risk. The question is:  Will we?” 2

Human Trafficking Statistics
Actual statistics are often unavailable, and some may be contradictory due to the covert nature of the crime, the invisibility of victims and high levels of under-reporting. Further obstacles include inconsistent definitions, reluctance to share data, and a lack of funding for and standardization of data collection. Particularly lacking are estimates on the number of American citizens trafficked within the U.S.

1. The Protection Project, “What is Trafficking?” The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, 2000

2 . Conference on Sexual Trafficking, “Gloria Steinem’s Submitted Remarks,” Washington, DC, September 13, 1999.

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8 Responses to “Sex Trafficking”

  1. M. Wisdo says:

    I am the volunteer coordinator with the U COUNT Campaign at Timberline Church. We share a mutual passion so I thought I would introduce myself. U COUNT Campaign is Timberline’s anti human trafficking endeavor. We also raise awareness, host events and sell products made from women/girls rescued from the brothels.

    I love your website and am always excited to meet people who believe in fighting this cause.

    Let me know if there is anything we can do together or if we can help each other in anyway. Thanks and have a wonderful day!!!

  2. C. Grimes says:

    Very cool. I worked with some kids who were straight out of this kind of evil and they were life changing to me. God bless you guys for raising more awareness about this stuff.

  3. K. Thompson says:

    Wow! This is great! Nothing makes my guts turn harder or quicker then when I read reports on this topic. When the Soviet Union fell, the traffickers quickly saw and exploited the opportunity to kidnap and trick women, girls and boys from the former Eastern Block on such a vast scale of which most people are completely ignorant. It happens right here in the U.S. too. All over the world. Also, money and power people in America are involved with this crap and most people don’t know that, either.
    Great job and keep it up!

  4. Queen Trotman says:

    what can I do to help stop this horbel act

  5. Kristen says:

    Here is an nonprofit organization that started in the Sacramento Region to rescue children from the hideous world of sex trafficking. C2BU- Courage To Be You is building a Courage House in Northern California. Courage House is not just a program; it’s a home. It has no minimum or maximum defined stay. Courage House is a safe house. Each rescued girl will develop an individual Unique Life Plan that will address her physical, emotional, psychological, educational, psychosocial needs. In addition, resources will be proved and plans created to ensure each girl’s successful transition to independent, self-sufficient living.

    Help us make our dreams come true and the dreams of the each girl. Donate, Volunteer.
    Stand for these girls. Give them a voice. We will no longer stand by and allow unspeakable acts to occur.
    Stand and Fight.

  6. Blanca says:

    I’ve been praying for this terrible problem for three years. And I have a heavy burden on me. What can i do to help?
    Please let me know. I live in Houston. I know God wants me to do something abouit it.

  7. Miss Dove says:

    It’s always so exciting to hear people wanting to become involved in the fight against trafficking. Check out Coalition Against Human Trafficking in Houston. Here is the web address
    Thanks for taking action against slavery. Stay in touch!

  8. Kathy Lebron says:

    If you are in the Greater NY area and would like to help a grassroots anti-trafficking effort get off the ground, please contact me. We seek to open a call center, drop in center, and safe house for victims of trafficking. Thanks!

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