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Saturday, October 2, 2010 

Elitch Gardens, Denver, CO is a place where children and families celebrate youthfulness with entertainment and amusement rides. Cotton candy and corn dogs are the playground of taste buds that kids and adults share with a smile here. Elitch’s is an exciting, Saturday afternoon for fortunate children. 

Today, the theme park opened their gates early for a different purpose. Elitch Gardens of Denver partnered with Stop Child Trafficking Now (STCNow) as it launched it’s 2010 Nation-wide Walk Campaign in an effort to end child slavery. Communities from around the United States participated in a 5K walk together the weekend of October 2-3, 2010 to Stop Child Trafficking Now! 

Denver’s venue had a special event, an 80 meter ‘Stiletto Race’, for the braver soles. Yes, men were welcome to join in this part of the event, and they did! Great job contestants. 

Last year over 8,000 individuals, corporations, religious organizations, communities and student groups came from all over to participate in the inaugural Stop Child Trafficking Now Walk! This global event occurred in 39 communities, and involved students from over 80 college campuses. Last year the successful event raised over $600,000 to end child slavery. This year Denver, alone, had 400 walk participants who raised over $37,000. 

400 Denver participants took part in the 2010 SCTNow Walk Campaign

Thank you to the dedicated supporters of Wake People Up who so generously donated $455 to the SCTNow Walk Campaign! As founder of Wake People Up, I believe it is vitally important to support other groups with the same purpose of eradicating sex trafficking. SCTNow is a respected organization and I look forward to partnering with them in future events. I believe that every organization and person in this fight must work together; it is the most effective way to make an impact. 

Does trafficking happen in America? You bet it does. Does it happen here in Colorado? Yes it does. 

Sundy Goodnight speaking after the SCTNow Denver Walk Campaign

Sundy Goodnight is the co-executive director for Strategic Global Initiatives and the Walk to Stop Child Trafficking. She informed us that, in fact, in today’s Denver Post (read story here)  is an article about a Denver man who faces charges of trafficking children for sex. Each and every horror story like this is heart wrenching. There was a group of us in Denver who walked today to abolish the monstrosity of trafficking. I am proud to say I was a part of that. 

I asked STCNow Walk participant Erika Watt how learning about sex trafficking has impacted her life. 

“Quite honestly, I know very little about sex trafficking. However; what I do know is that millions of innocent children all around the world are affected. I was just reading through Wake People Up and was awestruck by the statistic – Every 30 seconds another person becomes a victim of the sex trafficking industry. This child exploitation needs to stop!” 

“What would you tell others who are thinking about joining the race for next year?” 

“I mentioned to many of my friends and acquaintances that I was participating in the Stop Child Trafficking Now event. Admittedly, I wish I had emailed them the event details to join the campaign with me. I certainly intend to spread the word far and wide for the 2011 SCTNOW event!” 

After the races, supporters got to enjoy the day playing in Elitch’s. Many of the people who ran and walked in the 5K Campaign were children. Not all youth of the world get to enjoy being a child. Not all children are free and safe today. If we continue to walk, raise awareness and support organizations, more women and children will be able to be freed. We need to be radically different than mainstream America. Grab some friends, stop the demand of trafficking, take a stand. Thank you for being different.

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“Estimates range from a low of 700,000 to a high of 4 million people that are trafficked annually worldwide. It is estimated that two children per minute are trafficked for sexual exploitation, an estimated 1.2 million every year.”UNICEF

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