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Maly’s Story

Posted: 3/27/2015     Author: Hope for Justice

Maly was sold to a Cambodian government official, primarily for her virginity, at just 14 years old.

She was extremely abused; by this official and by other people he brought to where he kept her captive. They sold her over and over.

When she was rescued and brought to the Hope for Justice Dream Home she was malnourished with multiple medical and psychological issues. Our team worked gently and professionally with her, earning her trust and beginning to help her.

As the trial of her trafficker approached, we learned that the official was accused of abusing ten other girls besides Maly. Threats were made against Hope for Justice, black SUVs were parked outside of our facility yet Maly courageously refused to be intimidated out of testifying. She felt she had a safe home, at the Hope for Justice Dream Home, which gave her confidence.

As the trial dawned we learned that the perpetrators had successfully intimidated all ten of the other girls. With no youth court and no protection in the courtroom, Maly – the lone witness – had to see the perpetrators in the aisle next to her.

She stood up in the witness booth and said, “You have silenced the ten other voices but you won’t silence mine and so I will represent all eleven girls in my testimony against you”.

She then went through every detail not only of the crimes committed against her but the crimes committed against the other girls too.

As a result of her bravery the perpetrator was sentenced to over 16 years in prison.

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