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Here we will be listing success stories about how women and children got out of sex slavery and found their place back in life. If you have a success story, whether it’s a personal one or somebody you know or even don’t know, please share it with us. You can do so by contacting us here via a simple contact form. Thank you for your support!

Colorado kids rescued in prostitution stings
  • More evidence that this DOES happen here in our own back yard. See here, how you can help. This must stop! Read More »
168 Children Rescued in Annual Prostitution Sweep
  • Freeing Nearly 200 Children: Nationwide Crackdown on Child Prostitution and Sex Trafficking Read More »
Why Did These Sex Traffickers Only Get A Slap on the Wrist?
  • The average sentencing length for sex traffickers in the U.S. is harder data to come by, but advocates say prison time for these crimes tends to be woefully short. So why don’t traffickers face harsher sentences? Read More »
How Google Is Fighting Sex Trafficking With Big Data
  • For years human traffickers have used the latest technology to profit from the slave trade, but now software engineers at big data companies like Palantir and Salesforce are enabling anti-trafficking organizations to fight back–thanks to a little funding help from Google. Read More »
Maryland Ringleader and Brothel Operator Convicted of Sex Trafficking Charges
  • Threatened to assault prostitutes and competitor pimps and made death threats to protect and maintain prostitution businesses in Annapolis and Easton Read More »
How Art Therapy is Helping One Survivor
  • One of the girls was determined to do something very special for those that had rescued her. Read More »

“Trafficking in human beings is now the third-largest money making venture in the world, after illegal weapons and drugs. In fact, the United Nations estimates that the trade nets organized crime more than $12 billion a year.”Inside the New Global Sex Trade

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