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Attacking the Root

‘Attacking the Root’ articles will help equip you with knowledge and understanding of how and where the sex trafficking industry derives from. It will help you gain a better understanding of effective combat if we are to defeat sex trafficking. If you have articles relating to or suggestions on this topic, please contact us here via our contact form.

Ashton Kutcher’s Organization Fights Human Trafficking
  • Reposted: 2/10/2018  -  Written 2/16/2017  Author: Tom Embury-Dennis An organization set up by the actor Ashton Kutcher has identified 2,000 [...] Read More »
Bike Through Traffic Event – Oct 10th- Loveland, CO
  • I’ve gotten to sleep in homes with Pimps, Johns, Hells Angels, Skin Heads, Bandidos, co-producers of porn, victims of sex trafficking, drug dealers, people freshly out of jail, the poor and the extremely wealthy, the abused, neglected, mistreated, unloved, in meth houses, and in recovery houses for drug addicts, in homeless shelters and even had bears and alligators greet me in my tent/ hammock. Read More »
Four Reasons Why You Should Care That Our Olymic Athletes Visited a Brothel
  • Three NBA Players Went to a Brazilian Brothel, and We Made a Joke of it. Read More »
Life for the Innocent and Lauren Daigle Concert Frees Children From Trafficking
  • YOU DID IT! Your purchase of concert tickets already enabled LFTI to rescue 20 children from human trafficking. But there’s more Read More »
  • To eradicate the epidemic of human trafficking – we must see that the root of the problem is in the cultural messages of pornography that encourage exploitation and abuse. Read More »
BREAKING: Major sex-trafficking bust made
  • The Cheyenne Police Department, the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted a joint operation to target sex trafficking of both adults and juveniles surrounding the events for Cheyenne Frontier Days. Read More »

“Trafficking in human beings is now the third-largest money making venture in the world, after illegal weapons and drugs. In fact, the United Nations estimates that the trade nets organized crime more than $12 billion a year.”Inside the New Global Sex Trade

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